wedding faq


As a bride or groom, you should have a ton of questions for me as your potential photographer, and about your wedding day in general! Here’s a few questions I feel are important as you plan and get to know my style:

I want amazing photos, but I don’t want to feel like my wedding day is a photo shoot.

My top 3 tips for making sure we can schedule maximum in-the-moment time:

1. Make sure everyone you want in your family photos is there in the same 30 minute time frame, and be strict! I run family photos like a (cute) drill sergeant, because once they are done the rest of the photos can be more journalistic with me semi-out of the way.

2. Group photos should be fun. I fully encourage bringing a stereo along to play some music, popping the champagne a little early...the more you can be carefree the better the photos will turn out. Win-win!

One exception: A sundown shoot. The golden hour provides light that just can’t be beat, and I encourage you to schedule us 20 minutes to run around outside during the reception. It does provide a great time to breathe, unwind, and reflect on the fact that- holy crap- you just got married.

How much am I on the hook for after the wedding?

NONE. You pay for me+my second shooter’s time at your wedding as well as my editing and delivery. After that, you are free to order prints from your photo website, or whatever printing service you would like.

What’s your editing style?

I love a clean, bright, neutral-toned photo with just a hint of moodiness, but nothing that won't look great in 30 years. However, all shoots are 100% different. Sunset shoots in the woods look different than sunrise on the beach. All of my collections vary with the location and personality of the couple.

How fast will I receive my photos?

I’m quick. Around 4 weeks is usually my max for receiving the link to your online gallery. You will also get a sneak peek of a few photos from the wedding in 1-2 days- something for a social media announcement or to send to Great Aunt Judy who couldn’t make it.

How will I receive my photos?

Your photos will be delivered as soon as possible in an online website. You can download all the high res files from the site immediately. 

What’s the deal with first looks?

First looks are THE BEST. I am very passionate about first looks. A few key reasons:

1. They give you much more time as a couple on your wedding day. A first look at 1:00 versus a traditional ceremony at 5:00 gives you that many more hours of togetherness on your day.

2. Believe it or not, they can be more intimate. Without the distraction of stage fright and parent hand offs, it can be a very special few minutes of alone time (+me, being very out of the way)

3. Re: stage fright- it’s a VERY real thing. A first look relieves those nerves a bit and helps you remember the experience of walking down the aisle.

4. Family photos can be done before the ceremony. This allows you to go straight into celebration mode after the ceremony.

You would be hanging around on one of the biggest days of my life. Will I even like you?

Good question! I think so :) Let’s grab coffee and see.