Adventures in Hawaii // Personal


Jack and I spent a l o v e l y 10 days in Hawaii last week and I forgot to take any photos.

Just kidding, I took 2,000. 

A few things about this trip

We went to the Big Island and Kauai. Highly suggest both if you are into hiking.

I TRIED REALLY HARD TO BUY JACK A DIFFERENT RAIN COAT. Just had to get that out there. I have so many photos that are cute as heck but ruined by that dumb coat. Okay that was cathartic I am over it now. Here he is in the clouds, in the dumb coat, doing....I actually don't know what he's doing.


I was supposed to have an engagement shoot on the worlds' scariest hike (seriously, if you have done Angel's Landing in Zion and loved it, then you HAVE to do the Kalepa Ridge Trail) but unfortunately it was cancelled. Thankfully I have some incredibly sassy test shots of Jack. The top photo is a 19 photo composite so you can see the scale of the end of the hike, and if you look close enough you can see the tiny trail you walk on to the very edge. 

We met this local guy Tim and his Nephew at the cliff jumping spot. He's an absolute madman, jumping from the 40 foot cliff at 68 years old and swimming in the so-not-safe waves at the green sand beach.

That's me jumping. I photoshopped a few people out of this so that it looks cooler. Accidentally left a knee on there but I think I like it there so I kept it.

Judging by the chest tattoos Tim's probably lived his whole like exactly the same as that day. They were so freakin helpful, telling us the calmest places to snorkel and best hiking views.

GREEN SAND for real, though


We splurged on a doors off helicopter ride which HOLY CRAP it was so much scarier than I was anticipating. I took like 15 photos because I was too scared to take my hands off of the bars in front of me.

At one point I cried because it was so beautiful and I'm not ashamed.



I'm going way overboard on the typing, here's some more photos!