Hi hello! I'm Carly

Wedding photographer, moped rider, and Valley Fair season passholder (wanna go?)

I'm 24, but your guests will probably think I'm 18. I studied marketing and entrepreneurship at the U of MN— spent two years in marketing and now I'm on to the entrepreneurship. 

My main focus as a wedding photographer is to make sure you are calm, collected, and happy, because everything always works out in the end. A little rain, a stained dress...we can handle it. The only difference between a disaster and an endearing memory is how much fun you have. And I kick ass at having fun. 

PS: I don't want to toot my own horn too much, but I'll let others do it for me! Some of my incredible couples have said some lovely things on The Knot


Want to know more?

Here are some (hopefully) interesting things about me:

1. Like most people I love to travel. However, I don't love how expensive it is. I have lots of little tricks and tips for spending less and going further, which means I now have a ton of credit cards (check out The Simple Dollar for an awesome introduction to credit card churning, perfect for wedding expenses!) and I am constantly checking my email for updates from Scott's Cheap Flights.

2. In my spare time I can sometimes be caught in a dumpster. I know, great conversation starter! I dumpster dive because our country throws out tons of EVERYTHING. Food, makeup, camping supplies— you name it, there's a dumpster for it. 

3. This is what I look like everyday:

Just kidding

That's the professional version

That's the "I taught my boyfriend how to use a camera and it all paid off"

Actually. that's what I look like after Alaska Airlines bought me a new outfit because they lost my bag. Silver linings!