i’m carly

Wedding photographer, moped rider, and Valley Fair season passholder (wanna go?)

I'm 25, but your guests will probably think I'm 19. I studied marketing and entrepreneurship at the U of MN— spent two years in marketing and now I'm on to the entrepreneurship!

My main focus as a wedding photographer is to make sure you are calm, collected, and happy, because everything always works out in the end. Torrential rain, a stained dress...we can handle it. The only difference between a disaster and an endearing memory is how much fun you have. And I kick ass at having fun. 

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PS: I don't want to toot my own horn too much, but I'll let others do it for me! Some of my incredible couples have said some lovely things on The Knot

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Like most people I love to travel! What I really love, though, is having a blast without spending a lot of money. I have lots of little tricks and tips for spending less and going further, which means I now have a ton of credit cards (check out The Simple Dollar for an awesome introduction to credit card churning, perfect for wedding expenses!) and I am constantly checking my email for updates from Scott's Cheap Flights.


I also love to climb! If I am a little tipsy you can find me climbing anything available on my walk home, but typically during the week I am at the Minneapolis Bouldering Project! Seriously an adult playground.

I have a perfect cat named Kenny. My best friend found him outside at 2 AM, and after I got his chip scanned I found out his owner moved to CA and left him behind— her loss, he is my best buddy now.


- - Overusing exclamation marks in emails! Anything less than one exclamation every two sentences and I think I sound like I am mad. It was a problem in corporate America but now I can put in however many I want!!!!!

- - Fireball shots. Whoops.

- - Doing my own acrylic nails. Unfortunately this hobby (which took a lot of hours and a LOT of hours walking around with terrible nails to master) doesn’t gel well at all with my climbing hobby, so you can only find me sporting talons on vacation.

- - Dutch Blitz. It’s a card game, buy it!!